Bitcoin Growth Fund offers world class expertise in ICO services and token sales

At BGF we offer you a wide range of industry specialized services in your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Launch.

Our experienced team has assisted several successful ICOs in our portfolio. BGF assists you in evaluating your ICOs based on the industry researched parameters to decide the next step towards a successful ICO. We will support potential ICOs through our participation and assistance during various stages of ICO.


For Crypto Enthusiasts

If you’re an Crypto Enthusiasts looking to participate in an ICO space, then you’re at a right place. With BGF’s recommended ICO list, you are assured that you get the best ICO’s running in the market. Check the list and commit on the project of your choice.


If you’re an ICO looking for assistance in crowdsale or consultancy, BGF is the right platform. You need to fill our form and we’ll reply back in 6-7 business days. At BGF you’ll receive expert feedback on possible improvements for your ICO.

Once, you’ve made the changes you can submit your application. Visit FAQ section for more help.


At BGF we ensure that every ICO undergoes a rigorous scrutiny process before awarding listing on the platform. This is to secure both ICO participants as well as ICO’s interests by creating a transparent medium.

We at BGF services have designed a unique test "KPI Test" where every ICO is tested against a set of expert decided KPI's for evaluating ICO's. Our assimilation of concrete facts, reliability, rigorous and extensive evaluation will ensure that mundane participants' hard earned money is safe and provides positive growth.

The ICO evaluation is based on following KPI’s


  1. Do they have a prototype and/or code?
  2. Where do the funds collected in the crowdsale go? An individual, a multi-sig, or a contract?
  3. Is there a breakdown of what the funds will go towards and how they are budgeted?
  4. Is their idea worth investing in?

Team profile

  1. Do searches on their personal and professional background show any red flags? Do they show any information at all or does it seem hidden?
  2. How well can the developers and co-founders explain their project in plain English?
  3. Who are the people involved? Are they well known in the community or otherwise have a reputation? (IMPORTANT: Advisors usually don't count. Look at the founders.)

Business Model

  1. Is the use case they are presenting generic or vague?
  2. Do they have a user base or a plan to attract a user base beyond claiming that it will work because of "network effects" or the "obvious enhancements it provides the users"?
  3. Can you understand at a conceptual level, not necessarily a technical level, what they are trying to accomplish?
  4. What is the purpose of the token?
  5. What function or utility does it perform?
  6. Can you describe a viable economic model behind it?

Backing Technology

  1. Who has written up the token issuance contracts and actual token issuance software
  2. Which blockchain infrastructure is backing-up their sale?
  3. Have they published the terms and conditions of the sale in clear language?

Crypto-Sale Resiliency

  1. In what jurisdiction is the company incorporated?
  2. What legal structures are being disclosed?
  3. What is the token distribution structure?
  4. How is security handled?
  5. What are the apparent, perceived or real regulatory risks?
  6. Are there plans for external or internal audits?

Community Acceptance

  1. Are they blogging regularly about their work?
  2. Are the team members well identified with links to their LinkedIn profiles?
  3. Are they building a community around their idea?
  4. Are you able to contact the project team through Gitter, Slack, email, or other channels?