Status ICO

Status is a browser, messenger, and gateway to a decentralised world

Status is a free (libre) and open source mobile client targeting Android & iOS built, entirely on Ethereum technologies.

Send, Receive, Store Ether : Safely store your ETH and other Ethereum crypto-assets.

Browse Decentralized Apps : Explore the next generation of apps, with the next generation of Browser.

Buy and Sell Ether Locally : Discover nearby Status users to exchange goods and services.

Decentralized Apps at your fingertips : With Status your mobile device becomes a light client node on the Ethereum Network, enabling you to access Ethereum’s entire ecosystem from anywhere.

Discover a decentralized economy : Find DApps and other Status users,Through the discover feature. Exchange Currency, Services and ideas - Helping to grow the movement of decentralization.

Smarter private messaging : Status is more than a messenger. Send payments and smart contracts to friends from within chats, and enjoy end-to-end encryption by default using a peer-to-peer protocol that doesn’t rely on centralized servers

With Status, you can use smart contracts in your daily life, converse with chatbots, and help to preserve our collective human right to privacy

A Community Driven Project : Status is built together with its users. We’re completely open source and anyone is free to contribute. Together we can shape the future of Status, and facilitate the transition to a more open internet.

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