What does Bitcoingrowthfund do ?

Bitcoin Growth Fund plans to democratize the growth stage investment market that is currently dominated by big investors and venture capital firms. With BGF you can easily invest in startups and organizations that are raising growth stage rounds . As an investor you can invest as low as 0.01BTC to as much as you like.

How Can I use the Bitcoin Growth Fund Platform ?

Investor :

Anyone individual ( above 21 years) or corporate entity can start an account on bitcoingrowthfund . Post an identity verification process you are eligible to invest in 3 fund categories.

  • Mining Fund
  • Blockchain Fund
  • Loyalty Fund

Startup :

If you are a growth stage startup you can apply here . Post your application one of our executives will get in touch with you and help your startup/organization to register on our platform.

What are my risks and returns when I invest in BGF ?

Investing in startups is always risky as a significant proportion of the startups might not be successful and result in the loss of your investment. We are not denying that the successful startups produce great returns for their investors but the number of such successful startups is less than number of unsuccessful startups.

Your investment is dependent on a number of factors such as the company’s business model , technology , geographical location, local economy and market etc.

We suggest that you do not invest more than you can afford and seriously consider your risk appetite and capital inflow before investing.

How do I create an account ?

Step 1 :

Visit http://bitcoingrowthfund.com/ and click on Register

Step 2 :

Fill in your details and click signup

Step 3 :

You will now receive a verification email.

Step 4 :

You will be an unverified user . Kindly click on get verified now .

Step 5 :

You may apply as an individual or a corporate

Step 6 : Please fill in your information as per the selection in the last step.

How do I invest once my account has been approved ?

Step 1 :

Once your KYC is approved kindly click on ALL Funds in the top right corner or the green “Invest Now” icon

Step 2 :

Select the fund to invest in by clicking on invest

Step 3 :

Click on invest and select the amount of tokens that you wish to purchase

What is the technology behind the individual fund tokens ?

Each fund token is based on the ERC 20 protocol which uses the Ethereum blockchain at its core and is easily traceable using the following blockchain explorer

Can I withdraw my tokens to a third party wallet ?

You can easily withdraw you tokens to a third party wallet although we do not recommend this as once the tokens are out of our environment we have no control over it and any case of lost tokens due to user negligence or third party wallet issue will not be entertained.

Which third party wallets support BGF tokens ?

Following wallets support the BGF Tokens :

MyEtherWallet : https://www.myetherwallet.com/

Kindly note that we do not take any guarantee for the tokens transferred to a third party wallet as these wallets are neither created nor supported by the BGF team in any format.

How do I withdraw the BGF tokens ?

You can withdraw the tokens by navigating to the withdraw tab and filling in the number and type of tokens that you wish to withdraw.

Once the request has been placed the user will receive a confirmation mail post which the withdrawal will take place in the next 2-5 business days.

Why is my KYC rejected ?

The reason(s) for KYC rejection are communicated over mail.

Once your KYC is rejected then kindly log in to your account to re-submit the required information accordingly.