Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are changing the future of finance.

---- In 2020 ----

The world will look very different from how it looks today.

Blockchain is much bigger than what we imagine it today. Bitcoin is just one of the many applications written on Blockchain. In the next couple of years, entrepreneurs will build a new world with the use of decentralized database concept of Blockchain.

Banks will become obsolete.

Settlements & Money transfer will get much cheaper with the use of digital currencies.

Real estate will change with smart contracts as the need to trust a developer/registrar will no longer be needed.

Healthcare, Supply Chain Management, IoT, Insurance, Online Music, etc are few other industries which will get revolutionised with the decentralised database of Blockchain. (number/graph)

It’s a 3 trillion dollar market that is going to get created/disrupted with blockchain in the next 5-8 years.

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