Ethereum Contract Address For XBLC and LOYL

Hi Everyone,

Here are the contract addresses for both of our tokens apart from MCAP. 

1. XBLC Ethereum contract address:


Link on Etherscan:


2. LOYL Ethereum contract address:
Link on Etherscan:

MCAP in top 60 on Coin Market Cap index

Hi MCAPians’,

We have some implausible news to share with you. MCAP has yet again succeeded in toting up a new feather to its cap by managing an overall rank of 22 amongst all available assets on coinmarketcap index. It now ranks off at 60 amidst 740 crypto currencies listed on this world famous platform. Another record breaking event has been our per person investment, $2240, which is breathtakingly better than most of the existing tokens and coins in the market.

Analysts have even predicted a price of $ 100 for MCAP by the end of November, 2017.

Contract address for MCAP

Hi Guys,

We are providing below some necessary information that you will require to carry on the transactions on BGF. 

Wallet used: https://www.myetherwallet.com/

You can find the contract address at: https://etherscan.io/token/0x93e682107d1e9defb0b5ee701c71707a4b2e46bc

Contract address used for transaction: 0x93e682107d1e9defb0b5ee701c71707a4b2e46bc


MCAP How to make transactions using new ethereum protocol and Myether wallet.

Please refer the details below for sending the withdrawal requests.


We have now migrated from Counterparty protocol to Ethereum which is widely accepted and is way more convenient to use then counterparty protocol. We've selected an easy to use wallet "myether wallet".

Link to the wallet:



Kindly note that we do not take any guarantee for the tokens in any third party wallet as these wallets are neither created nor supported by the BGF team in any format.

Any token that is send to an address that is not created using one of the wallets above will result in a permanent and irrecoverable loss of your BGF tokens.

We do not recommend that you withdraw your tokens as once the tokens are out of our environment we have no control over them and any case of lost tokens due to user negligence or third party wallet issue will not be entertained.

Steps to request withdrawal from myether wallet:

My Ether Wallet is not a standard Web Wallet. It does not allow you to create an account and to store your Ether on their servers, they simply allow you create a wallet, which is yours to store and keep safe, and to broadcast your transactions on the blockchain through their full node. In this guide we'll show you how to create a new wallet, back it up and how to send a transaction, both online and offline.

Part 1 - Create a Wallet

Step 1: If you need to create a new wallet, you can use MyEtherWallet to do so. Simply visit MyEtherWallet, enter a strong password and generate a wallet.

Step 2: Store your Private Key. You can download .JSON file with an encrypted version of the private key which is compatible with geth, mist and myetherwallet and requires a password to decrypt (Keystore). You can also store unencrypted version of your private key by downloading it in a .JSON file or by copy pasting it from the website. We recommend you use the Keystore (encrypted) feature, which provides an additional layer of security to your wallet.

Step 3: Save your wallet address or QR code. In order to receive transactions you must give the sender a public key to which he can send the Ether to, you can copy the text format or the QR Code. The QR code can also be used to make a paper wallet.

Part 2 - Send a Transaction

Step 1: Once you have your wallet you can now send and receive transactions. All you have to do is upload the private key file you have created through the MyEtherWallet website or mist/geth. Simply click "Send Transaction", select the type of private key you want to use (Keystore, Json file or Plain text) and click "Select wallet file".

Step 2: Select the wallet you want to use.

Step 3: Now all you have to do is fill out the Wallet you want to send Ether to, and how much you want to send. Click "Generate transaction" and then "Send transaction".

Step 4: One last confirmation window will appear, click "Yes, I am sure"

And that's it! You can now create an Ether Wallet within seconds and easily send a transaction without the need to download and broadcast the blockchain! And you can even protect yourself against nasty hackers and evil-doers by generating a transaction offline and broadcasting it on an online computer.

BGF to launch its own trading platform

Hi all!

We are receiving lots of queries on social media that “what’ next at BGF”. Though we love to interact with you all and want to answer all your queries, we cannot answer each of them. So we are bringing you this “updates section where we will aware you of all the developments taking place at BGF.”

You all have been very kind to us and we never expected such a huge response from our participants. So we sat down and thought, what’s the next step. What next we can do to add value to our tokens and also increase profit making options for our users. So, here we are all set to introduce a unique trading platform for you.

Our tech team has been working extensively for the past 2 months to develop a user friendly trading platform. We are launching it on 27th of May.

During the course of next 10 days we’ll update you with all the major developments being added and also provide you a sneak peak into the other major developments that are taking place at BGF.

Stay tuned. Keep checking this section for all updates!